Target Audience

There are many more good .NET developers than good MDX developers out there.
.NET platform allows skilled .NET developers to build very complex and scalable applications by providing support for testability, refactoring, OOP, compile time cross-reference verification and IntelliSense (r).

SSAS Entity Framework Provider (tm) target audience are teams of primarily .NET developers who are productive using LINQ and use or would like to use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), especially if they have a support (even off-site) of an SSAS specialist. Agile Design LLC can support you in terms of SSAS and build cubes based on either your EF model or relational DB schema + wire-frames for your target reports.


( See also When to use SSAS Entity Framework Provider, or what Pivot Table cannot do ).

.Even if you develop a .NET reporting or data analysis solution but prefer MDX over LINQ, our product is still helpful for you because we provide ADOMD.NET extensions that allow to plum data from ADOMD.NET flat recordsets into .NET entities.